We offer you to visit our wood sauna. We have everything you need for a pleasant rest, including lounge room, massage table and billiards.


duboviy venik

Price per 1 hour. (up to 4 people)   225 UAH
Extra charge for each subsequent person   50 UAH
Minimum order time   2 hours
Extra charge for each additional hour   100 UAH
Sauna rent per day (24H) (up to 4 people)   1050 UAH


Set, included in the price:

Towel 40х70   1 pcs.
Towel 140х70   1 pcs.
Bedsheet   1 pcs.


In addition for use:

Towel 40х70   10 UAH
Towel 140х70   20 UAH
 Bedsheet   10 UAH

You can also purchase oak and birch brooms, hats, slippers and more.


If there is a major order for a sauna for 2-3 hours, then after that order it can be taken another hourly order after 1 hour (for cleaning), which price will be 100 UAH. – not including the set of bedsheet and towel plus the additional price for use according to the fixed price.



1 Proliskova Street
Morshyn, Lviv Region

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