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Call us at 38 (067) 605 20 89
Email us at info@kozak-morshyn.com
Hours of Operation
Mon - Sun: 11am to 12am
Our Location
1 Proliskova Street
Morshyn, Lviv Region

kozak head

Restoraunt Kozak &R

Our restaurant offers delicious homemade dishes, our own production meat products, barbecue, baked trout and carp. Every evening you will be entertained by Ukrainian groups with incendiary music, dancing and singing.

About us

kozak golota

Handmade Kolyba

Baked on the wood delicious grilled food

Exquisite cuisine


Our_Delicious Menu

Signature dishes Royal trout
81.40 UAH / 100gr
Meat baked with vegetables
192.00 UAH / 420gr
Getmansky baked meat
92.60 UAH / 300gr
Warm veal salad
214.00 UAH / 320gr
Duck breast with berry sauce
414.00 UAH / 400gr

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Grilled dishes Pork steak
49.00 UAH/ 100gr
Pork Skewers
45.80 UAH/ 100gr
Veal Skewers
48.60 UAH/ 100gr
Grilled meat
48.00 UAH/ 100gr
Grilled trout
53.70 UAH/ 100gr
Salmon steak
137,70 UAH/ 100gr
Grilled vegetables
35.00 UAH/ 100gr

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Hot dishes Cepe stewed in sour cream sauce
187.00 UAH/ 200 gr
Tongue stewed in sour cream sauce
153.00 UAH/ 200 gr
Julienne with cepe
96.40 UAH/ 150 gr
Banosh with cepe
76.00 UAH/ 250 gr
Banosh with greaves
58.00 UAH/ 250 gr
Dumplings with potato
44.80 UAH/ 240 gr
Potato pancakes with sour cream
45.00 UAH/ 240 gr

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Fish the most tasty
in the region

Trout Royal
This is truly a royal fish, which lives in clean waters of the Carpathians. The presence of this fish on your table will ensure you to enjoy a exquisite, gentle and healthy product, and combined with young stewed mushrooms in sauce-cream will make you come back here again and again.
81,40 UAH/100gr
Steak of the salmon
The rich taste, full of vitamins and proteins which are unique to marine fish, baked until golden brown, but juicy inside. All this underscores the truly exquisite, unique to gourmet tastes.
137,00 UAH/100gr
Carp with vegetables
An excellent dish of juicy carp, supplemented with vitamins of freshly cooked vegetables, will completely fill your need for a simple but surprisingly delicious dish.
36.10 UAH/100gr

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Delicious desserts


96.00 UAH.

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant
84.00 UAH

Prunes in cream

Prunes in cream
53.50 UAH

Ice cream with fruits

Ice cream with fruits
48.50 UAH

More desserts

89.00 UAH

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise
163.00 UAH

Pina colada

Pina colada
168.00 UAH


168.00 UAH

More cocktails


1 Proliskova Street
Morshyn, Lviv Region

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